The two French teams LLL and ICAR have collaborated closely to share their experiences on oral corpora processing and archiving on several occasions like the French guidelines “Guide des bonnes pratiques 2006” coordinated by O. Baude, the French program “Corpus de la Parole” in 2009, the French consortium Infrastructure de Recherche Corpus Oraux et Multimodaux (IRCOM, O. Baude evaluator, C. Etienne in steering committee) and the Ortolang project (Outils et Ressources pour un Traitement Optimisé de la LANGue) funded by Investissements d’avenir in France (O. Baude partner, V. Traverso in scientific committee, C.Etienne collaborator).

Between the pragmatics department at the IDS and the CNRS Groupe ICOR, there has been a long-standing cooperation in conversation analytic studies, corpus development and corpus exploitation. The more recent activities have dealt with studies on multimodal interaction and collaborative completions, comparing French and German data (a jointly supervised thesis Lyon-Mannheim: Oloff 2009, 2013). Common activities aiming at a homogenization of data representation in corpora (based on TEI, Schmidt 2011, now coordinated in the ISO/DIN project WG 6 PWI 24624: Language resource management – Transcription of spoken language) have been carried out over the last years, as well as regular exchanges concerning the design of search tools.

The ESLO team and the IDS pragmatics department have started an intensive cooperation on the occasion of the Franco-Japanese Symposium “Sound data analysis and reference corpora” held in Paris in 2013. Acknowledging similar approaches and challenges in the compilation of their corpora ESLO and FOLK, respectively, the two teams have since worked on exchanging knowledge and guidelines on best practices in transcription, annotation and dissemination of oral data (workshop “Spoken corpora: shared experiences IDS – ESLO” in April 2014 in Orléans) and on legal and ethical aspects of data sharing (“IRCOM Journée GT5 sur les questions juridiques et éthiques” in November 2014 in Paris).