WS2 second symposium in Lyon

WS2: Second Workshop in Lyon from January the 22th to Januray the 24th, 2018

Invited talks by:  Sylvain Kahane,  Kim Gerdes, Jérôme Jacquin

We decided to organize the second workshop in three parts:

Day 1: a half-day workshop for the members of the project:

  • presentations of the latest developments in the work of each team (IDS, LLL, ICAR),
  • work on common subjects in small workgroups: TCU critical cases, inter-annotator agreement, inventory of segmentation problems and the SegCor website
  • a debriefing of the workgroups and perspectives: next steps,

Day 2: a full-day workshop with invited experts, project members, and ENS guests on « Segmentation of oral corpora in German and French: a contrastive approach to syntax and interaction »:

  • Syntactic units
    • a general presentation of the SegCor project (10mn)
    • a presentation of syntactic units in French and German and of common critical cases (30mn), discussion (15mn)
    • a presentation of Sylvain Kahane and Kim Gerdes , »The German topological model, how to apply it in French? » (45mn) and discussion (15mn)
  • Interactional units
    • Jérôme Jacquin, « Multimodal insight for the segmentation
      of (very) long multi-unit turns » (45mn), discussion (15mn)
    • a presentation of interactional units in French and German

Day 3: a half-day data session on interactional units

  • Presentation / data session on German data
  • Presentation / data session on French data