Biagio Ursi (Lyon): Post-doc researcher. 24 month (from month 13 to 36) working in Lyon in collaboration with the Orleans team, and the Mannheim post-doc. The main mission of the post-doc will be:

  • to gather and compare the experts’ annotations in order to provide a set of relevant criteria for dealing with segmentation alternatives,
  • to test and improve the online guidelines out of their application by several annotators,
  • define an adaptative methodology with the experts.

Swantje Westpfahl (Mannheim): researcher (full funded time of the SegCor project) working in Mannheim in collaboration with the Orleans team, and the Lyon post-doc. Main responsibilities of the post-doc are:

  • coordinating the work programme on the German side,
  • development of suitable approaches to corpus sampling, to the development and application of segmentation guidelines and to the online dissemination of the guidelines,
  • development of concepts for implementing annotation workflows, automatic segmentation methods and dissemination methods for the annotated corpus data,
  • and organization of workshops, project meetings, coordination of student assistants etc.

Phd student

François Delafontaine (Orléans) : In co-supervision with Orléans and Lyon, the Phd-student will work on contrastive (French-German) analysis of segmentation criteria, test and apply segmentation solutions based on several fields of linguistics (specifically interactional linguistics, syntax).
Research topic: spoken French and German interaction, syntax, pos-tagging, TAL.


Margot Lambert (Lyon) :  a 12 months training on microsyntactic and macrosyntactic manual annotations on the pilot corpus, pointing out critical cases to improve guidelines

XXXX (Orléans) : a xx  months training on improving the chunker process and manual chunk annotation